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A membership site for a handful of parents who are or want to start accelerating their children.

Hi, I’m Michal!

  • In short, I’m a tech entrepreneur and a father of two kids.
  • Passionate about parenting and early childhood education.
Welcome to my membership site!

WHY did I start this membership site?

As a CTO of HotelQuickly, I saw how the technology advances exponentially.

The future of jobs is going to be very different when our kids grow up.

Just think about all these emerging technologies…

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Self-driving Cars
  • Nano-technology
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Billions of Sensors, Internet of Things
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality

The education system gets more and more obsolete every day.

Online courses, nano-degrees, and just-in-time learning replace university studies.

Big changes are already happening!

In this community, we want our children to be leaders in 2030s — in a world driven by artificial intelligence.

So, what do we do here?

I want to help like-minded, entrepreneurial, open-minded parents to accelerate their growth and become better parents.

I will show you how other parents accelerate their children and how YOU can do it, too.

Michal Juhas

Community lead

We learn from parents who accelerate their children

Daniel Louzonis

A homeschooling coach who hyper-accelerated his two children.

Elena Brown

A mother who focuses on early learning and acceleration.

Ilan & Guy Ferdman

A life coach and a parent.

Ashly McGee

A homeschooling mom who taught her daughters to speed-read

They excel at these three critical factors:


They maximize their kids’ growth. These parents spend time reading books with them and expose kids to lots of new facts every day.


They have tons of educational materials ready to use, or know where to get it #justInTime.


These parents know it’s all about persistency. A few minutes of high-quality time every day accumulates and give the kids a huge competitive advantage.

But how can YOU accelerate your child?

Learn from parents who already know

and get your kids growing!

Accelerated Growth is a unique online membership community of parents. It’s your essential resource for the training, advice, and support you need to accelerate your child.

Join us as we learn, experiment, and explore.

IMPORTANT: This community is not for everyone!

You can join this membership site if you are:

  • Open-minded, curious, and willing to learn
  • Committed to your child’s better future
  • Willing to spend additional time with your kids
  • Willing to change your habits and environment

You should have at least one child younger than three.

Michal Juhas

Community lead

WHY should you join?

While talking to some expert parents, I had not just lots of AHA-moments, but also “I wish I knew about this earlier.” I want to bring these moments to you, too!

Join only if…

  • You want to utilize your child’s potential to the max
  • You want him or her to stand out from the crowd
  • You are keen to learn about accelerated growth & learning

You have two options to choose from:


Weekly email newsletter
  • Weekly Inspiring Tips & Best Practices
  • 6-day Mini-course
  • No Membership

A little about us…

Michal Juhas

Hi, I’m Michal. I’m passionate about early childhood education and created this membership site with my wife to help other parents accelerate their kids.

I’m also a co-founder of HotelQuickly, a hotel-booking platform for last-minute travelers in Asia-Pacific region.

I’m keen to help adults and children around the world to accelerate their growth and learning.

More: https://michaljuhas.com

Martina Juhas

Hi, I’m Martina. I’m a mom and wife and our two kids are my passion. We do cool things with our kids and we are constantly growing. Why not share it with you, right?

Staying healthy and fit is our top priority as well. We do not feed only our kids brain with great stuff, but also our bodies.

More: https://martinajuhas.com


This course is highly recommended to all parents as it is full of insights and wisdom. I agree with Mr. Michal Juhas that we need to prepare our children for the uncertain future by helping them to build a strong foundation for learning so they could grow up to be life-long learners to keep updating their work skills. With Globalization 3.0, the world is now flat and borderless as Mr. Thomas Friedman pictured in his 2005 book ‘The World is Flat’. Thus, those who are well-educated in hard disciplines will have an edge. Thank you, Mr. Michal Juhas, for putting this course together. I am sure many parents will gain from it. Soon Kheng Chan

The course is a summary of Glenn Doman’s theory on how to teach encyclopedic knowledge to infants. Moreover, and more importantly, it offers the possibility of at home even you create and use your bit intelligence cards. Marcio

100% money back guarantee, of course!

If you don’t like what you pay for, just send me an email to michal@michaljuhas.com and I will refund 100% of your payment within 30 days. Michal Juhas

Community lead

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